Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launched in Indonesia with Great Discounts

Indonesia becomes the first country in Asia to launch Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and with only 1200 units on offer during the launch day, all units were completely sold out in 7 hours. According to, Samsung offers great discounts for the units, sold at about RM1,410 (4 million Indonesian Rupiah) with a further RM70 discount for the first 200 customer. The recommended retail price for the Tab in Indonesia is 6 million Indonesian Rupiah or RM2113.

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With thousands of people lining up to buy the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung can expect the Tab to sell like hot cakes in Indonesia. Samsung decided to choose Indonesia as the first country (outside of Korea and US) due to their great success in selling the first version of the Tab, which was not widely accepted in Malaysia.

However, with the improved features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, we can expect similar craze when it is launched in Malaysia soon. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 would probably hit Malaysian market in the next two weeks with almost the similar price range as seen in Indonesia, though a collaboration with Malaysian telcos would perhaps provide greater packages and rates.

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  1. John Khor says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ is really a very formidable competitor for iPad 2, better than Motorola Xoom. The sleek design is so identitical with iPad 2. No wonder Apple wants to sue Samsung 🙂

  2. limen sicari says:

    “Samsung decided to choose Indonesia as the first country (outside of Korea and US)”

    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is NOT yet available in Korea. So Indonesia is the first country other than the US where it’s on sale. Why would Samsung not release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in its own country? That’s a very good question.

  3. Anthony says:

    It’s just culture.
    Probably half of those buying the hot cakes are not planning to use it for themselves. In hours after the sales, those tablets are showing up in the second hand market “brand new in box” with inflated price.
    The peoples buying it are doing the buy-low sell-high rule for profit, not to use it (or at least not for long time)

    Had Samsung sold the item with their MSRP (or smaller discount), the sales won’t be that successful.

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