Symantec released its Norton Internet Security 2011 suite in September 2010, and it was one of the best Internet security suites that obtained 100 percent protection score in a new third-party test from Dennis Labs. I was lucky enough to a review copy of the software and test it out on my desktop running Windows 7.


Usually, I don’t enjoy installing antivirus suite as it normally take quite some time. However, I was proven wrong with Norton Internet Security 2011. Right from the moment I click “Agree & Install” until activation, it took less than 1 minute!! The installation screen is also every clean and straightforward. For the speed of installation, I give 5 stars out of 5!

The New Interface

The Norton Internet Security 2011 new interface looks very cool and user-friendly. The thing that caught my attention is the Norton Protection Map, which provides up-to-the minute information about the newest threats Norton has identified and is protecting against around the globe. It looks like one of those cool apps you see on C.S.I. 🙂

Plus, users can get easy one-click access to important data from web-based Norton services including: Norton Online Backup, Norton Online Family and Norton Safe Web.

The Performance

I ran several tests of my own using the Norton Internet Security 2011. The first test I did was to let it scan around 50 phishing sites including those for Malaysian major banks. It managed to detect all, which another two antivirus software that I installed failed to match. Additionally, the Norton Safe Web toolbar, installed in Internet Explorer and Firefox, watches for dangerous sites of all kinds. It marks up search results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing with green, yellow or red icons. A handy tool to watch out for malware websites.

The scanning process of virus is also very fast and accurate. Most importantly, it doesn’t consume too much RAM to complete its task. Allowing the computer system to run smoothly. The good thing is Norton’s application scan also runs during idle time, which is to identify software in your PC which is marked as “good”, so that it doesn’t need to be scanned frequently.

As a whole, I am  impressed with Norton Internet Security 2011! Not only for its superb speed but also excellent performance. If you’re looking for a suite to protect yourself from cyber threats, then this is a must-have!

Of course this is just a small test. A more comprehensive report can be obtained from Dennis Labs


Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011 are now available for purchase in Malaysia through retailers and the Norton online store at The suggested retail price for Norton Internet Security 2011 is MYR179 for a three PC license and MYR109 for a single PC license.

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  • Kimmie, January 16, 2011 @ 8:30 pm Reply

    Thanks for the info bro…I was thinking of buying this. Read good reviews from it, and yours sort of ease my dilemma! hahaha. Will try it out!

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