After testing its previous version (4.0), I managed to try out the licensed copy of Norton 360 Version 5.0. On first impression, it looks pretty much similar to Norton Internet Security 2011, only that it comes with PC tuning and online backup features. Norton 360 is rated very high, in fact the latest independent lab test Norton 360 ranked first in both performance and protection.


As in its previous version, Norton 360 took less than 1 minute to be installed on your PC (minimum of 1GB RAM). I think the notion of Norton running slow during installation is gone. The installation screen is now clean and straigthforward. The process is smooth and fast, allowing you experience no-nonsese way of using it right after installation.

The Interface

Norton 360 version 5 retains the look and feel of Internet Security 2011. It’s clean and comes with the real-time threat map at the bottom where you can get the updates on the latest virus threats worldwide. From the launched menu, you get access to four main components: PC Security, Identity Protection, Backup and PC Tuneup. Clicking on each icon brings to you to the advanced settings of each component. I like the way settings are presented as it looks much friendlier than other PC security software.

Protection and Performance

After using it for about 1 week, I realise Norton 360 performs very well without distrubing the PC performance. As a matter of fact, I barely notice its existence during bootup, there is no significant difference in boot time before and after installing Norton 360 Version 5.0. It ranked number one in performance testing by PassMark Software . Out of a field of five security software suites. Norton 360 performed 37 percent better than the competitive average of PassMark scores, scanned 45 percent faster than the competitive average.

In terms of protection, this latest version comes with the same advanced core security technologies that contain Insight. The reputation-based security checks where your programs were installed from and when they were installed, and compares that data against the 175 million users participating in the crowdsourced Norton Community Watch. It also comes with SONAR 3 behavioral protection monitors running applications for suspicious behavior to quickly identify new attacks, crimeware and other threats designed to evade traditional detection. Upon detection, SONAR 3 automatically handles any decision making on behalf of the computer user.

One thing that I like the most is the fact that Norton 360 includes performance improvements to PC Tuneup and Automated Backup to help computer users keep their PCs running at their best and keep their important content secure.


Norton 360 version 5.0 can be installed on up to three PCs and is now available for purchase in Malaysia through various retailers and the Norton online store at The suggested retail price is MYR219 for the standard edition including 2GB of online storage space, a three PC license and a one-year subscription to use the product and receive Symantec’s protection updates. All Norton 360 users with a valid product subscription are eligible to download and use the latest product versions and updates released during their subscription period.

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