Baidu launched its Android-based mobile¬† operating system (OS), dubbed Baidu Yi (???), Yi actually means Easy in Chinese and based on that name, it is clear that Baidu aims to make its mobile OS easier to be used in China. Since it is build based on Google’s Android, the same core features are made available but the familiar Google apps are replaced with some of Baidu self-developed apps such as Baidu Maps,¬† Baidu Yue (a reader app), Baidu Shen Bian (like Google Places), and Baidu Ting (its music app).

In addition, the Baidu Yi platform will also feature strong cloud integration for storage, back-up and sharing. Baidu also has some good Android apps that have been available for a while that it can now integrate into its new Baidu Yi platform, such as its input-method editor (IME) for typing or hand-drawing Chinese characters.

You can see the following video for its promo:

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