Maxis Broadband New Promotional Rates and Packages

In line with the renewed wireless broadband war (thanks to Digi rapid Turbo3G campaign), Maxis is launching some sort of a "counter-marketing" strategy to increase its market share. Maxis has recently introduced new promotional rates and packages aiming for all types of customers from basic internet users to heavy downloaders.

The Monthly Packages

The new monthly rates start from RM48 per month with a usage cap of 1.5GB. Unlike Celcom which has two different "speed packages" for its broadband plans, all Maxis packages offer a speed up to 7.2Mbps (on HSDPA areas). So, whether you’re paying RM48 or RM178 per month, you’ll enjoy the same maximum speed. The difference is only on the usage cap. For the free modem package, you’ll need to pay RM150 upfront, which will then be rebated from your bill for the first five months.

The Weekly/Daily Packages

There is also weekly and daily packages for Hotlink prepaid users. The daily subscription rate is RM8 with a 500MB usage cap while the weekly rate is RM25 for 2GB usage cap. Well, these packages are not recommended for those who want to be online all the time.

You can check the coverage area of Maxis Broadband using this map. To my surprise, the HSDPA coverage area for Maxis has expanded rather rapidly over the last 3 months. My friend tested the speed at his house, nearby Universiti Malaysia Sarawak campus, Kota Samarahan and it was at a whooping 4.8Mpbs during his 24-hour subscription, with zero disconnection! Of course, this needs to be tested more regularly for reliability and consistency measurements. Well, we’ll see how DiGi Turbo3G performs! 🙂

Check Maxis Broadband Website for more info.



  1. Cyril says:

    From this post, I can see u are a digi fan.. hehhe..

    Well, maxis package isnt that bad. I like the prepaid deal 🙂

  2. Romeo says:

    im from kuching sarawak, and i live near kuching town, like 13km away from the town center. but there’s no any 3G line at my place from any telco, (all along jalan mambong sarig) we need a better speed and internet connection, and so far, most of us is using the maxis broadband because this is the only (gprs) connection that is stable enough, but still hardly to connect.. we had a good hand phone line here. any telco, please check on the tower (simboh 2) in kuching, (jalan mambong sarig, 93250, kuching, sarawak).. Just imagine, 8 big villages, with average of 300 to 400person is using the broadband per village and growing, we really need 3G connection..

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