Google Includes Real-Time Web Analytics to Blogger Accounts users can now monitor their web traffics by directly referring to the embedded real-time web analytics. This newly-added feature is enabled by default for all blogs  and you don’t have to setup or configure anything. But you’ll have to visit the Blogger site through to access your blog stats since this is still in the testing stage.

In general, the stats in Blogger accounts are collected independent of Google Analytics and they provide basic information about your site visitors like the countries they are coming from, what browser they are using, your most popular posts, the traffic during various times of the day and so on. It’s a good tool to monitor your main sources and traffics and start working on your posts for audience targeting.

You can read more on this new feature via Blogger in Draft.

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  1. Mishel Arden says:

    I think it is about time, there are already great tool for real time web analytics tracking tools, I am personally using for real time analytics, but there are many more. Personyze has segmentation, custom reports and actions taht you can connect to segments so they are very good indeed.

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