BackupElf: Easy way to Backup your Files through Email

BackupElf is a web service that let you backup files via email. Simply attach your files to an email message and send them all to What make this service interesting is that there’s no need to sign-up new account. The service will automatically create a new account when it receives the first message from your email address.

In fact, if you have multiple emails, you can link them all to your main BackupElf account and thus, any file attachments sent from one of your email addresses will also be stored in the same account. You can log into the BackupElf website to retrieve your email backups. The free version offers 100 MB of storage space or you can go for a paid plans for additional space.

Main Features

  • Backup files by sending them in an email to
  • If someone sends an email to and does not have an account, a free account is automatically created for them.
  • Retrieve email backups 24/7/365 through the website.
  • auto-categorizes attachments as documents, photos, music, videos, and more.
  • Authorize additional email addresses for a single account.
  • Backed up files are automatically version controlled for the user.
  • offers 3 paid accounts that allow users to increase their storage space and add additional features.
  • All emails are encrypted and backed up redundantly on Amazon AWS S3

Try it out today!  BackupElf


  1. J.Rebecca says:

    Thanks for this post! It truly is ‘dead-simple’ as they put it on their site. I was surprised that I wasn’t aware of this site as i’ve been searching for an easy solution for backing up my photos from my iphone as I take them. Love the fact that it auto-categorizes the attachments when I send them!

  2. Chin says:

    Great! No need to worry about missing any my important emails.

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