Android Froyo Update for Samsung Galaxy S Available in Malaysia

For Samsung Galaxy S users in Malaysia, in case you are not aware, Android 2.2 (Froyo) update has been available for download. You’ll have to upgrade your Samsung Kies to the latest version before you can see the update message “pop up” on the Kies interface.

Don’t forget to backup everything to your external SD card before upgrading. So what are you waiting for? Hehe


  1. fei hai says:

    hey there
    im just wondering about this update available in Malaysia
    i purchased this phone last week at UK
    but now im in kl using maxis sim card
    so about this froyo upgrade availability in Malaysia
    does it depend on my phone purchase or the sim card im using or what?
    thanks anyway

  2. fei hai says:

    oh and i forgot to tell u that when i try to upgrade it via kies:
    it says that the latest version is already installed
    sorry for crashing ur thread though

    • KeeMan says:

      Hi there,

      It depends on the version of your phone and not the sim card or telco that you have subscribed to.

      PDA:JM2 / PHONE:JM1 / CSC:JM2 should be UK Android 2.1 version.

      Have you upgraded to the latest version of Kies?

  3. Adino says:

    Hi KeeMan thanks for the update, this is certainly an exciting time for Samsung Galaxy S users!

    Have you upgraded your phone, and did you encounter any problems?

  4. Abang says:

    What is themost updated Kies? Ver: 1.5.3??

  5. fei hai says:

    Hey mr keeman.. Thanks for ur reply. Yeah I do install the latest kies since there’s no upgrade available for this particular version. It seems like same problem occurs. Anyways I do appreciate your effort. guess I’m g gonna use the odin method which I hope no side effects cos I rather keep my galaxy virgin lol. Once again thank you mr keeman

  6. Adino says:

    Yay I have completed the upgrade successfully!

    If you don’t mind, I prepared a step-by-step user guide at my blog

  7. Sakai says:

    Hi Keeman,

    Thanks for you information as I have been waiting eagerly to update available in Malaysia for my Galaxy and also thanks to Adino – great steps by steps.

    Just want to check with you all, after the upgrade i do encounter some changes below:-
    1) Less sensitive screen touch
    2) RAM had indicates 304 compared to 326 in Ecliar – all the while i tot it is 512??
    3) More screen lags – slow response after item selected

    Thanks in advance.

  8. GangGe says:

    Hi KeeMan,
    After my upgrade, the DioPen input didn’t seem to respond to my PinYin. Any idea what happen and most important – how to fix?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Adino says:

    I’ve just updated to firmware 2.2.1, and I’m happy to report the lag is gone, and the available RAM has increased to 339MB! As usual I’ve prepared step-by-step instructions at my blog

  10. Adino says:

    Oops sorry I was mistaken about the RAM, it’s still at 304MB 🙁

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