If you’re an educator looking for a free online system that offer tools to create your very own collaborative online environments, then you should look at RCampus. RCampus is a collaborative environment by Reazon Systems, Inc that is a one-stop shop for everything school related.  RCampus utilizes Open Education Management system that makes it easy to build personal and group websites, manage courses, eportfolios, academic communities, build rubrics, connect students with tutors, and a book exchange.  All of these tools are FREE for students and faculty.  This would be a great place to organize your classroom life and keep your students organized.  Everything is integrated making management very simple.  Students stay well informed and communication opportunities grow with RCampus.

There is no hassle in setting up your own learning management systems like Moodle. Everything is fully web-based and is setup for you for FREE. From my first impression, the interface is pretty easy to use and it loads very fast as well. RCampus makes it easy to communicate, assess, and assist througout the year as students build their portfolios.  Set up courses where you can manage everything from one central location.  Grade, communicate, and keep yourself organized with the RCampus integrated learning and course management.  Watch the following video to get to know more on the benefits of RCampus.


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