How to Renew Road Tax Online with MyEG

MyEG, the Malaysia’s E-government services provider is really gearing up its services for the betterment of Malaysians. With its online road tax renewal, you don’t have to spend time going to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) or even pay extra for third party to help you renew your expired road tax (for private vehicles only). You even stand a chance to get 30% discount for your road tax. But some of you might be a little confused of how to go about doing the renewal online.

Go to MyEG Portal

It’s actually very simple. Before you actually make the renewal, make sure your vehicle/auto insurance has been renewed. You will need the insurance details (cover note). You can also buy auto Insurance online via MyEG (only Etiqa and RHB Assurance available at the moment). Once that’s confirmed, go to

Fill in the E-Form

Then you’ll need to fill up the following e-form. Make sure all details are correct. You’ll also need to decide how do you want to collect your road tax. Either via delivery of self-collect via MyEG Services Centre (Currently only in Bandar Utama)

Input Insurance Details and Make Payments

After filling it up, click Proceed. The MyEG website will verify your data through the JPJ system. Once confirmed, you’ll need to fill in your insurance details and proceed to payment. You’ll need to pay the road tax + service charge + delivery charges.

The service charge for the road tax disc renewal is RM2.75. Delivery charges for the road tax disc for the Klang Valley is RM6, and RM8 for the rest of Peninsular Malaysia. For East Malaysia, the delivery charge is RM10. For peninsular Malaysia, you’ll received the road tax disc within 2-3 working days while Sabah and Sarawak would take as long as 5-7 working days.

There are three ways to make payments:

  • Credit or debit card – Visa or Master
  • FPX – Deduction from your bank account through FPX
  • Online Banking – Direct deduction from your Bank account (M2U and HLB)

Print E-Receipt for Record

Every successful transaction will be issued with e-Services receipt, which you need to print for record. So make sure you have your printer available. Else, do a print screen and save it.  If there are any matters or doubts about this service, you may contact MyEG telemarketers for assistance at 03-7801 8888

Note: You can renew your road tax and insurance online 2 (two) months before the actual expiry date of your road tax.


  1. TS Wong says:

    Hi, tks for your excellent how to guide. We just want to highlight the following :
    i) if you have a valid insurance policy, the data will be extracted from jpj’s database. The user DOES NOT need to key in their insurance details.
    ii) If you do not have a valid insurance policy, do send an email to We actually have other insurance companies on our panel besides RHB and Etiqa.

    Thank you.
    Best regards
    TS Wong
    Managing Director
    MyEG Services

  2. KeeMan says:

    Thanks for the clarification TS. Was surprised that you stopped by my humble blog. Anyway, really appreciate MyEG services.

  3. Saharani Hamid says:

    I have a Volvo car registred in 1985. Recently I wanted to renew/purchase its insurance from my regular agent, but was informed that all insurance companies do not sell anymore insurance to vehicles of 25 years old and above. I just repaired the car and is in very good condition/roadworthy. I was also informed to visit JPJ or Post Office where they could renew the road tax wthout having insurance cover. That left me baffled and I dont really understand what is going on. Please advice me accordingly because I love to have my Volvo back on yhe road again. Thank you.

    • Yaraan says:

      25 years old Volvo, a classic car indeed. I would love to take care further more on these kind of cars also.
      BTW do you find any trouble in maintaining that car?
      what is the normal mileage you are running per month?
      sorry for somany questions.

  4. KeeMan says:

    Hi Saharani,

    I understand your problem. Insurance companies do not want to offer such coverage because it’s not profitable. You can try purchase one via Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool which is available at Pos Malaysia. It’s a pool of insurance companies that offers insurance for cars more than 20 years old.

    However, you need to bear in mind that only third-party coverage is accepted and not comprehensive. Which means if you lost your car, you cannot make any claim.

  5. serena says:

    when we renew road tax via online does it mean that our road tax “cert” no longer need to be updated? Also if we collect the road tax at Bandar utama, may we have the address and the office hours we can collect the road tax?

  6. KeeMan says:

    Hi Serena

    I guess you mean the green card. Don’t worry, when you renew online, your car road tax details are updated in JPJ’s database.

    For the address, you can arrange for that with MyEG.

  7. Vince says:

    If we renew the road tax online and provide our address, will it be delivered by post or by hand. Is the car owner required to be at home to receive the road tax? Can we specify date and time for collection?

  8. leen says:

    can i have a copy of my e-cover note since i have misplaced it.thank you

  9. Jess says:

    My insurance expiry date is in Oct and Road tax expired in Sep. Will i still able to renew the road tax if i change my insurance company to Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool?

  10. Lyn says:

    If i hv lost my green card, how do i get it replaced? And can i still renew my road tax and insurance?

  11. MOHYUDDIN says:

    How do I renew my late daughter’s car road tax? I have lost the original registration card. Road tax expiry date 08 Apr 2014. The system for road tax renewal has been blocked. how do I renew road tax for the car, WMT 5333.Thank you / Rgds / Mohyuddin

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