There are many Virtual Private Network (VPN) services out there that claim to offer a lot of benefits but you usually end up paying more than what you get. Well, I was lucky enough to be offered a 30-day trial of Malaysia-based VPN and after testing it for about 2 weeks, I am surely happy with its performance and reliability. I spent some time testing the BolehVPN services via different types of Internet connection from public WiFi to mobile broadband services (e.g. Celcom and Maxis). Basically, I have categorised this review into three key terms as reflected in the title.

1. Unblock “Blocked” Websites and Internet Content

In my previous post on how to bypass file sharing block in Malaysia, I mentioned clearly that the best way to access blocked websites from Malaysia is to use VPN services. BolehVPN offers the same feature, in which you may access websites with are blocked with ease. There are several configurations available on the BolehVPN software (or graphic user interface -GUI), using the Surfing/ Streaming configuration offers the best way to visit blocked websites. You can even enjoy Hulu from the comfort of your home in Kuala Lumpur or even Kuching! I personally enjoy accessing various Geo-location limited websites such as those YouTube location-restricted videos. Haha.

2. Unthrottle Your ISP Speed!

Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, your ISP will throttle your speed due to what they call as “fair usage policy”. What’s the point of subscribing to a 4Mbps Internet service, but you can enjoy merely 40% of the speed (if you’re lucky!). BolehVPN can solve this by giving you the freedom and flexibility to unthrottle the “unwanted” speed limits. It’s best to use BolehVPN’s Fully Routed configuration as not only you can enjoy better speed but at the same time ensure data security. I tested this on several types of Internet connection and this works best under wired network like Streamyx. Under my 1Mbps connection, it took less than 2 minutes to complete a download of 50MB and I can even enjoy an average 100kBps speed for Torrent download (usually it would linger around 50kBps). You can see it in the screenshot below (click to enlarge).

However, you may somehow feel there is no big change on your connection speed when using mobile broadband services (like Maxis or Celcom) as the connection somehow depends on the “health” of your mobile signal.Initially, I felt a bit annoyed by the slow speed when using BolehVPN on mobile broadband, then I realised, it could have been due to the actual speed itself, and not the VPN. I was proven correct when I tested it in different areas with decent data signal.


3. Unlimited Satisfaction

Of course, now that you have better speed and can access many free content on the World Wide Wide, you’ll be fully satisfied. What’s more, BolehVPN offers great security and anonymity. Thus, you can enjoy while having not to worry about your identity being discovered. BolehVPN offers 100% confidentiality protection to internet activities by masking your IP address. It is must better than using some free and unreliable proxy services.What’s more, you can subscribe to BolehVPN for only RM30.00 for 30days (RM1 per day only) or RM255.00 per year (only 70sen per day!).

Well, if you are still skeptical about BolehVPN, you can try subscribe to their 3-day trial for only RM5.00. Then decide whether you would like to continue the service with a better subscription package. But all I can say is, BolehVPN is more than just Boleh! Visit their website for further info (


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