Maxis Home Services: The First Multiple-play Service in Malaysia

Maxis Malaysia has introduced the first multiple-play service in Malaysia which allows you to share broadband connection and various other rich content on different devices at home. The service is available to customers in fibre connected areas nationwide. Multiple-play service describes the many services that Maxis is offering through its Maxis Home Services from access to voice, high speed Internet, value-added services, and content. These  services are made available over multiple access, across multiple screens.

(launching ceremony – picture by Maxis)

Speaking at the launch, Sandip Das, Chief Executive Officer, Maxis, explained,

Today’s launch of Maxis Home Services means customers get to enrich their lives with another horizon of  digital  experience. Leveraging on the Government’s National Broadband Initiative (NBI), we signed a landmark agreement with TM for their HSBB Access service last December. With that, we are able to expand our broadband footprint and fast track our delivery of Maxis Home Services to you. Customers in fibre connected areas, including those built out by TM and Maxis’ own Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) built out areas, will be able to benefit from  Maxis Home Services which offers High Speed Internet packages that bundles many of our existing services and complements the multitude of services made possible with fibre technology.

At the launch, Maxis also introduced its packages for the Home Services starting from RM128 per month for 4Mbps access with 30GB quota. It is bundled with voice packages as well. Other packages are shown below:

This is indeed another good move by Maxis in order to provide super highspeed broadband to Malaysians after TM’s UniFi. At the moment, the coverage area is still limited. However, you can Register your Interest via the Maxis website in order to get updated info about the service.

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