Mini Thunder 5 or Xunlei Free Download

You might be familiar with the famous China-based downloader XunLei or Thunder 5. Well, there is actually a mini version of it. Just in case you didn’t realise, since it was released back in November last year. This Mini Thunder actually integrates with browsers. It is light-weight and easy to use (almost similar to Flashgot). It also support BitTorrent downloads.

Well, try it out and share your views on the app here.

Download Mini Thunder Here

If you have problem with the mini compact version, download the Deluxe Edition.


  1. ouguiliang says:

    recently many problems with mini xunlei… can’t download, then if you want use it… wait a little !

  2. socorro gomes says:

    i like this software it faster downloading it is really good. thank u very much. but i would like to now how to translate to English.

  3. I_need_hep says:

    I need help! how I can translate chinese mini thunder to english!??

  4. James says:

    Does mini thunder work in Win 10 ?

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