Well well well, Lenovo LePhone is set to be released this coming May, and it marks the company first venture into the wireless mobile market. The clamshell landscape QWERTY phone will be launched in May in China. It will be running the latest Android 2.1 OS.  This is rather ironic since China versus Google issue has yet to be resolved. The company is very confident that LePhone will do well in the China market, selling millions. The company also claimed that it will be a better choice compared to RIM’s Blackberry.

The Specifications

Display: 3.7-inch 800×480 AMOLED
CPU: 1GHz Snapdragon processor
Camera: 3 MP back-facing camera, and unspecified front-facing camera
Misc: A-GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


The Apps

Of course, Lenovo is also stepping seriously into the mobile market by launching it’s first ever app store available at http://www.lenovomm.com/appstore/ The company is working closely with more than 500 content developers for the store, mainly targetting the China market. However, since it’s boasted with Android OS, integration of the apps would not be a major problem for them.


And due to the Google dispute in China, the Lenovo LePhone will not come with native Google applications, unlike most Android phones, but will feature Baidu.com as the main search engine, and other apps that will be based on the preferences of Chinese users.

Will LePhone be Available in Malaysia

Not sure, but as for now, I don’t think so, since Lenovo in Malaysia is mainly focusing on its PC and notebooks line. LePhone will primarily be released in China before international release. I will update here if any new input/info is provided.


Sneak Peak

I managed to find a video demonstrating this phone via YouTube. A video by Mobile Burn. You can check them out and comment on it.


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