ClamCase: Turn Your iPad into a Netbook in an Instant

Still can’t get used to the keyboard-less iPad? Well, fear not, ClamCase is here. It is a dock that converts your iPad into a netbook. It comes with an all-in-one keyboard, case and stand for the iPad to turn the most famous tablet yet into a lap-held or tabletop device. To a certain extent, I think this helps to increase productivity with your iPad since we’re too used to the keyboard input device rather than the on-screen input.


The ClamCase keyboard/case/stand connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, and also gives you connectivity with other HID compatible Bluetooth devices such as Sony Playstation 3, Tivo and some HTPCs. Along with 360 degree swivel technology, the ClamCase also offers a flip-back keyboard, which lets you enjoy the iPad as a tablet even when docked. It will be on sale this American Fall, but pricing is yet unavailable. For further info, check out the product site here.


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