If you’re an owner of netbook like Asus EeePC, Aspire One or HP Mini, you might get bored or annoyed with the use of "downgraded" and "over-priced" Windows OS. Well, thanks to Moblin, you can transform your netbook into a stunning and efficient mobile tool for you to complete your daily tasks. Moblin, short for mobile Linux, is an open source project  that is different. It’s a friendly way to get the most out of your netbook. It doesn’t work like most other computers because it’s optimized for enjoying media, interacting with your social networks and the internet. Powered by Intel (which later handed over to the Linux Foundation), Moblin runs on Intel Atom processors.

The latest Moblin v2.0 Beta has been released for download. The beta release includes an updated user interface built on GNOME Mobile Technologies, optimised for Netbooks and Nettops, and uses the latest open source graphics technology, including Clutter, KMS and DRI2. The m_zone acts as the ‘home screen’ panel and provides instant access to the calendar, tasks, recently used files and real-time updates from social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. More integration and aggregation of social networking is expected to be added before the final release.

Look at the following video to see what Moblin can offer:


More details, go to Moblin website. Feel free to try it out and give feedback via its site for bug fixes and improvements. I’ll be trying it out very soon!!


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