Leo Beer Girls Controversial Calendar 2010

As highlighted in the press lately, how Thai government is taking action on Thailand’s Singha company over their controversial Leo Beer Calendar for 2010. Apparently, their body was painted without a single thread on! Not sure what’s the purpose, but definitely beers should be drank and not using girls as a bait to lure guys to buy beers. If your beers suck, nobody will drink it!! Here are some pictures of the calendar. Sometimes, i wonder if they are real girls! Hahaha….






  1. Ming says:

    I think there are more explicit calendars out there, some by Sports company. Don’t know what’s the fuss about this.

  2. Bustaman says:

    Aiyo….the girls look hot but the body prints look nicer. Another thing, some of the girls look like “transgenders!” hahaha….

  3. nk muah ke tak nie? ahhah!

  4. Cyril says:

    I’m wondering if they also painted their ‘down under’…

  5. Cyril says:

    I mean, the cover/drawing looks very real to be paint.. but the breast area is paint la..that’s obvious =)

  6. KeeMan says:

    @Bustaman: Who knows….some might be…

    @Loque: Muah apa? hehe

    @Cyril: Don’t you think the pics are “over-doctored” or “over-photoshoped”? Their skins are flawless! And the “down under part” doesn’t even seem real! Hahahahaha

  7. Cyril says:

    Hahahhaa….Well, still… the eyes sees beauties =P

  8. In the beer industry, the sex always sells!

  9. KeeMan says:

    not always…hehehe. If the beer sucks….even if you put a nude girl, the sales is still bad.

  10. sam oll says:

    They are beautiful girls . I like them . in the future i hope that to see another picture of nude calanders.

  11. Ben Ng says:

    I have this calenders about 500 copies and would like to GIVE FREE to any body who call me at 0133636536

  12. njoy says:

    it’s really nice………………. and cool………

  13. Dave says:

    Are you sure they are all girls, my misses is Thai and she says they are all guys,?

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