5 Tips to Improve Your Google Blog Search Ranking

Most bloggers will be wondering why their posts do not appear on the first page of Google Blog Search engine when they are in fact appearing top on the list in various popular search engine. This is because unlike most other blog search engines, the Google version ranks the search results according to relevancy and not solely traffics.


Here are some tips given by Muhammad Saleem of 901am on 10 things that would affect your Google Blog Search Ranking:

5 Things That Improve Your Ranking

  1. How many RSS subscriptions there are to the blog,
  2. How often people click on a link to the post in search results,
  3. How many blogrolls, and “high quality” blogrolls the blog is in,
  4. If the blog offers visitors the chance to tag posts and whether people are tagging them,
  5. References to the blog by sources other than blogs, (Pagerank, and; Others).

5 Things That Deteriorate Your Ranking

  1. If new posts appear in short bursts or at predictable intervals, and whether posts are the same size, or roughly the same size,
  2. If the content of the posts doesn’t match the content of feeds from the posts, or if the content includes a lot of spam related keywords,
  3. If a lot of content is duplicated in multiple posts from a blog,
  4. Link distribution of the blog,
  5. If posts primarily link to one page or site, (and; Others).

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  1. Cyril says:

    Now, this is something i really find helpful.. No wonder my blog rank so low.. hahah

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