Of Men, Sex and Women…

Last couple of weeks, I went out with my friends to a small meeting at Sushi King, The Spring, Kuching. While enjoying the sushi, we had a hot discussion on women’s roles in the society. Of course, being the sole man in the group didn’t help, so i try to be politically neutral. Ironically, it was the girls themselves who seem to take less pride on such gender issue. One female friend ask: "Frankly, what profession in this world that the women are highly associated with?" I responded by saying: "Fashion? Modelling?". She immediately answered "But they are still under men! Most established fahion designers are men! Sigh!".  Then, she further elaborated how a lot of fields are dominated by men. Another female friend interrupted: "I know, it must be prostitution! The world oldest profession and it was and still is ruled by women! Men are slaves to that! Hahaha" Her response drew laughter from all of us, though the point she was trying to make is clear.

Her statement made me realise just how women are positioned in this world. I mean though they are given a lot of so-called equal rights, their contribution to the society is rather not as significant as men’s. Even their life is partially controlled especially by traditional thought. More often that not, a woman has to resort to sexual appeal or persuasion (if not sexual intercourse) when wanting to be on top. Top model, top singer, top CEO, etc, rely heavily on this, though it may not be openly reported. But this does not prove that men are strong. In fact, men should instead be considered as weak, because they can fall easily to such temptation. So, does that mean sex is the only weapon or tool women are good at?

I have encountered several female friends who are so desperate to get decent men as their mate or life partner that they dare to do whatever it takes including using sex as a bait. Even on social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, Tagged, you’ll definitely see young girls trying to lure attention by posting semi-nude photos. Of course, many of them are also making money through online sex shows available on the net. . You’ll be shocked to see how many educated women are going into prostitution. For them, it’s easy money and perhaps sex is in fact their most effective asset, something they can really rely on as depicted in this poster taken from

Hmm…your thoughts?

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  1. marie says:

    gender is so overrated. so is the whole sex thingy. everything is about exploitation of the minds of the society.

  2. marie says:

    keeman, women are good in persuasion too. like men. persuasion should be the word for it but not sexual appeal. that’s so sexist.
    one more thing to add..
    prostitution is not ruled by women. to be safe, it should be stated as done by responsible parties, whereby it could involve both women and men.

  3. KeeMan says:

    Marie, good point there. Persuasion is indeed a better word. I reckon men use it a lot too when it comes to their selfish desires.

    And about prostitution, yeah, i get your point, the statement i put was a translated quote from a friend’s statement. Anyhow, it’s open for discussion. :p

  4. Erlinda says:

    i know marie would be the first one to comment!!! hahaha…

    not all women like that la, but i can’t deny there are some women who ‘downgrade’ themselves to be known or to be popular, who’s to blame? the society.. u’re not pretty enuff then u can’t be on the top.

    look at the programmes we have in tv, makeover here, makeover there… trying to tell ppl if u dun have the look, u won’t have the best in life- that includes men, career, even good service in restaurant.

    i’m glad kee man is very open to blog about this, coz this is SO REAL!

    so, my adivce to the winner ladies out there, ‘ u dun have to flaunt yr breasts, tug yr tummy or pout yr butt, just to get some cheap attention, just be yrself’


  5. KeeMan says:

    Hehe…Of course, Marie the feminist champion….

    Yeah, the media has indeed played a great part in influencing such gender stereotypes.

    Like the current saying:

    “Men are from video games, Women are from Social Networking!”

  6. cdason says:

    interesting… sex sells.. and this is a point proved.

    Err…. I tried thinking of a job where women dominate.. but yeah..your friends seems to be right.

  7. lori says:

    yeah yeah..i am sexy..yea yea

    cdason: err..working in Avon office ???

  8. marie says:


    cdason: women DO NOT rule in that kind of profession ok? sex sells? gosh, that’s so overrated.

    keeman: who’s that stupid to make such a comment like that? overrating prostitution in such a way is a big no-no. one thing to bear in mind – do NOT get exploited by the way society thinks. got a brain, use it. don’t say stuffs the way society wants you to say it. ;p

  9. marie says:

    lin… keeman posted that stupid statement in my blog. of course it would CERTAINLY catch my FULL attention to it.

    keeman: who stated that anyways?

  10. KeeMan says:

    Hahaha…aiyah..i don’t have to reveal the name. I guess most people think that way. But it was a joke actually, i mean the person who said so was just joking about it. In fact, everyone disagreed with that statement.

    Don’t worry, i’m a feminist too… ask Mr. Collin. Hahaha….

  11. marie says:

    but it really boils down to the core whenever statements like that are made. a very big percentage of it is so damn overrated – in years before and now.

  12. camax028 says:

    Prostitution never ends, as long as there are people who want’s to take advantage of women and as long as there are women who were undergoing some financial problems… the cycle will still continue.

  13. robin says:

    hi i am wating for u

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