Firefox 3 Super Firing Tricks

Ok, now that you’ve know most of the improved features in Firefox 3 as well as the embedded robots that accompany it, it’s time to check back on some of the tricks that it offers.


Getting to know Firefox Config

You might have been familiar with "msconfig" in Windows OS, but do you know that Firefox can be customised using about:config ? Well, type that into the Firefox 3 address bar and hit Enter. You’ll see a screen hilariously stating "This might void your warranty" 🙂 and what are you waiting for, hit "I’ll be careful, i promise!" Voila, you’ll see a list of configuration that you can change to suit your needs. Now, you’re ready to rumble!


Change the Smart Location’s Bar Number of Suggestions

I don’t know about you but i do feel the smart location bar suggestions can be annoying at times especially when you’re getting duplicated suggestions. So you might want to change the number of suggestions or simply turn it off. To change the number, simple go back to the about:config screen and on the filter bar, enter: browser.urlbar.maxRichResults. Change the value from the default 12 to any number you want. And on another note, Firefox 3 smart location bar can be disturbing as it seems to grab all URL despite the link being broken. To delete any broken links on your location bar, simple, just point to the URL, hold down or key down, and press DELETE (Windows users) or SHIFT+DELETE (Mac Users).

View Stored Password Easily

As you might have realised, Firefox 3 comes with a new and neat password manager. Well, Firefox 3 has also a cool feature that allow you to quickly view your stored password on a particular site. To do this, simply click at favicon on any site (password protected) and click more information to view more detail about it. Then on the next screen, click View Saved Passwords. The list of passwords will be listed if you’ve saved it prior to that. On that same screen, you can also see how many times you have view the page. A neat information keep track of your browsing habits, don’t you think? Hehe.


Speeding up your Firefox’s page loading like those Robots!

Again go back to about:config. Enter network.http.pipelining in the filter bar and change the value to TRUE. Same goes to network.http.proxy.pipelining change it to TRUE. Then, the trick is that you need to change network.http.pipelining.maxrequests from the default value 4 to a higher number, say 6. This would mean the browser will make double request when loading a page. Don’t put beyond 8, in fact 8 is the limit. Feel the difference!

The Mozilla Easter Egg

Well, this is not really a tips to improve your Firefox but just for fun. Hehe. In addition to the about:robots easter egg, there is also another easter egg known as about:mozilla. Type in on your address bar and see what happens! Since when browser can be so fun to play with huh?

Well, i hope this give you some ideas to play around with Firefox 3! To get more tip and tricks, of course, you can DIGG it out or GOOGLE it. And by the way, Keith Dsouza at Techie Buzz has done a great job compiling most of the tricks available as well as Mozilla’s own Tip and Tricks section. So go check them out! Happy Firefoxing! :p

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