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Now, i guess you all have seen some fancy Friendster layout that your friends are showing off. You might be wondering how they did that. First of all, you need to understand that there are few ways to customise your page. The basic one is through CSS as available in Friendster. Using Basic CSS is rather limited as you can only change the colour scheme and background. There is however another method known as Overlay or Crossover. As the name suggest, your profile is changed by "putting" another custom-made page over it, it’s like covering your original profile with your own profile page.

To do this, you need to generate a AJAX based code using Overlay Generator by Markyctrigger. But before you go there, you need to design your desired page using HTML tools like Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Now for beginners, it is good to look through others’ layout HTML files and then customised it. Click here to get see great collections of overlay HTML files. Download the HTML txt file and open it using any HTML software. Make necessary changes, especially changing most of the Friendster links with your UserID (Eg: When viewing your profile, the URL is, the number after the friendster URL is your ID. Now, i have to say, familiarity with HTML is an advantage, as you can play with coding. Remember, if you include pictures or media, the link to the file should be uploaded to a web host and not on your PC. Some webhosts are Geocities, or Ripway. Ok, once you get your HTML codes ready, go back to Overlay Generator by Markyctrigger and use the OG Standard V10.4. Copy and Paste your HTML codes into the generator box and press submit. Then the AJAX codes will be generated and you need to past these code into your Friendster’s Media Box. And that’s it. Test run by viewing your profile and do necessary changes after that by of course editing the HTML and go back to the Generator to get a new code. Remember to press REVERT in your Friendster’s customise profile page everytime you want to insert new codes. You can also browse through some of my common CSS Friendster Layouts (lesser chance of being blocked) HERE. More resources:


  1. syuxx says:

    yah3. familirity with html code really help while overlaying/cross-over-ing ur frengster.
    but things that i really hate is when fs filter off their code. demit3.
    realyy2 envy to us althought there’s nothing happen like hack, spam or worm..

  2. hafez says:

    i want friendster overlay code of arsenal…

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